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To get a spanish driver’s license you must pass a medical exam, written exam and behind-the-wheel exam. Contact us If you have any question

EU citizens. As a nonresident, an EU driver’s license is valid in Spain and vice-versa. If you are a resident, then you must alter your license. There are two options: either get your EU driver’s license “stamped” or you exchange your license for a Spanish driver’s license.

Non-EU citizen, you will need to get a Spanish driver’s license. Dpending on your nationality, non EU driver’s licenses may be valid for the first year after arrival in Spain. After that you are required to have a Spanish driver’s license.

For US drivers. Foreign countries make agreements with individual states, that means that your New York driver’s license is valed (for the first year), but your Massachusetts driver’s license is not.

For Canadian drivers, you are currently required to have both your provincial driver’s license and an International license, wich are valid for up to a year of living in Spain. If and when you get your residence, these are valid for only six aditional months of that poing. You can get your International driver’s license from many registry offices or CAA offices (or the provincial equivalents) by showing your valid provincial license.